Things To Know Before Buying Stair Lift

Stair lift is the best mobility solutions for disabled. Here are few most important things need to keep in mind before buying a Stair Lift

1. Health of the User
The Physical condition of the user plays a crucial before exploring the stair lift option. The Stairlift is best option for people who limited mobility as it gives them sense of comfort but it won’t be the best option for wheelchair ridden user as transferring will become a challenge stairlift to the wheelchair .

2. Determine if Your Stairs are Curved or Straight
A straight stair lift is the choice for stairs without any intermediate landings while curved stair lifts are designed for all other types of staircases.This will also will keep track of of your Budget the the user is willing to Spend as straight stairlift are more economical than the curved one.

3. Choose a Reliable Reseller
Installing a stair lift is not difficult job but you will require the assistance of an installer and proper maintenance team, In India, Vingrace is the biggest stairlift suppliers and installers and can be good and reliable option for the customers to explore.

4. Features of comfort
A stair lift can come in its form. It can offer a range of optional extras at an additional cost. These upgrades can be quite useful depending on the nature of your staircase or your physical condition. For instance it has complete swivel seat for the user so it easier for them to get off the staircase with power glide and additions key and fobs for the user to operate the chairlift. It also offers safety sensors for the safety of the user and peace of mind for the family who are getting the stairlift installed at their homes.

5. Sense of belonging
Although you may only spend less time riding up and down the staircase but it is important for the customer to get sense of comfort . It is important for the customer to check or try the stairlift once before purchasing or even get a refrence from the existing customers who is using it for a long time.This will give them a comfort and a honest feedback.