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Wheelchairs, Indoor Stair Lifts, Outdoor Stairlifts, Curved Stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, Stair climber, Evacuation Chairs, Ramps, Home Elevators etc.

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Vin Grace Company involves various equipment for people with special needs like wheelchairs, Stairlifts, Outdoor Stairlifts, Curved Stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, Stairclimber, Evacuation Chairs, Ramps, Home Elevators, and other Mobility products.

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The Best mobility solution for your loved one

Vin Grace is a certified and accomplished pervasive store for customers all over India. Every individual who is associated with Vin Grace Company is forced and committed to care and works for the improvement in one’s living. Vin Grace Company involves various equipment’s for people with special needs like wheelchairs, Stair LiftsOutdoor StairliftsCurved Stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, Stair Climber, Evacuation Chairs, Ramps, Home Elevators and other Mobility products. Vin Grace is a known and prevalent for working with various organizations including Architecture, Therapist, Government and NGOs that work in the field of people with special needs. Vin Grace is privileged in serving you with wagered level of quality and services and Vin Grace commits one for better life.

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We provide mobility solution

Our belief is to be “people’s people” and create friendly and long-lasting relationships with our customers. And our brand promise of “The Human Touch” is delivered through our values of Quality, Honesty, Responsibility, and Compassion.


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Vin Grace is a certified and accomplished pervasive store for customers all over India.

Vin Grace is India’s No. 1 provider of advanced accessibility, rehab mobility solutions and accessories like wheelchairs, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, evacuation chairs, ramps, home elevators and other mobility products.

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A stair lift, also known as a chair lift or stair glide, is a motorized device that is installed on a staircase to transport individuals up and down the stairs safely and comfortably.

Stair lifts are beneficial for individuals who have difficulty navigating stairs due to mobility limitations, such as seniors, people with disabilities, or those recovering from injuries or surgeries.

Stair lifts can be installed on various types of staircases, including straight, curved, narrow, and outdoor stairs. However, the design and installation process may differ based on the specific configuration of the stairs.

Our straight and curved stairlift prices vary depending on factors including the stairway configuration, length of stairway, type of stairlift and power options. We will provide a free quote based on your unique home and needs.

Although chairlifts are not covered under health insurance. A stairlift investment also helps save the expensive of moving or remodeling.

Our stair lifts are battery operated and work even during a power outage. They only require a standard wall outlet to accommodate the continuous charge battery.

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