Stair Climbing Wheelchairs

Stair climbing wheelchairs are specially equipped powered wheelchairs that can be used to climb staircase with an attendant. It’s best suitable for homes and commercial places where installing a lift might not be solution that’s why its is also called mobile or portable stair lift.

Sano PT outdoor 120/140 stair climbing wheelchair
Sano PT Fold 130/160 stairclimbing wheelchair
Sano PT Adapt 130/160 stair climbing wheelchair 
Sano PT UNI Powered Stairclimber
Liftkar sano PT S stair climbing wheelchair
Garaventa Stair-Trac

Frequently Asked Questions​

Its a specially equipped battery operated wheelchair with capability to climb stairs up and down with highest level of safety with help of its technical wheels and edge recognition mechanism.

Stair climbing wheelchair work on battery system and chain wheel motor that helps the wheels move the wheel chair up and down without Safety  features being compromised .

The price of the the Stair climbing wheelchair machine depends on various factors and model the customers opts. The price Range can be between 1-3 lac INR.

Yes, mostly Stair climbing wheelchair can be used on all  staircases with Riser height less than 9 inches and suitable space to fit the stairclimber on turns of curved staircases.