Stair lifts are mobility aids that are used to ascend an descend staircases with ease and comfortability. These devices are easy to use and boast excellent safety features like sensors and seatbelts that help to keep people safe. To ensure that these devices run for a long time and operate efficiently, maintenance is important.

1. Cleaning Regularly

When stairlifts are used frequently, they might collect dirt and other bacteria that might affect the seats and the overall performance of the stairlifts. Therefore, stairlifts must be cleaned regularly using a soft, dry cloth.

2. Service Regularly

When you are purchasing a stairlift, always ask and understand how regularly does the stairlift require servicing and maintenance. Users should always ensure that the servicing is done by a professional and on an annual basis at minimum.

3. Battery Maintenance

If the stairlifts that you are using is powered by battery, then it is important that you regularly monitor the battery and access whether it needs replacement or not. It is better to seek professional help in case it requires replacement.

4. Lubricating

It is important to lubricate the tracks of stairlifts regularly to ensure that the movement of stairlifts up and down the staircases is swift, smooth and without any stoppings. If you don’t know how to go on about lubricating the track then it is better to ask a professional to do it for you.

5. Always Read the Manual

Often times we throw out the manual or misplace it as it is perceived to be of less importance. In case of devices like stairlifts, one should always read the instructions of the manual and seek help from it in case of any doubts. The manual often has all the guidelines outlined that is needed to maintain the stairlift in a good condition.


Stair lift maintenance is very important for ensure the longevity of the stairlift and smooth functioning. Regular maintenance also allows us to detect early defects and faults which if ignored may lead to hazard or accidents in the future. Therefore, check for servicing regularly and seek professional help if in any doubts.