Essential Tips for Safe Stair lift Usage

Stairlifts are devices that offer the mobility to carry the elderly and patients from one floor to another without hindering the safety priory of the person so that the ride is smooth and gives a peace of mind to the person who is operating the chair.

Here are a few tips to remember while using a safe stairlift

Regular Maintenance is Key

No matter how big a brand your stairlift is at the end of the day it’s a Machine. It is important as a customer to ensure the stairlift gets proper maintenance at least once a year by a trusted dealer or OEM ensures that this is done so that the stairlift lives up to the expectation.

Secure Yourself with Seatbelts

According to the safety standards, all stairlifts come with a seatbelt nowaday’s user it’s important to tie the seatbelt before using it, a small effort to so that can reduce the risk of falling from the stairlift significantly.

Clearing the Path Ahead

Before using the stairlift user should ensure that the path is clear so that it is safe for the stairlift to operate, even if the stairlift has obstruction sensors it is always better to be on the safer side.

Adhere to Weight Limits

Every stairlift is manufactured to adhere certain weight limit it is important for the user not to exceed the weight limit that is mentioned by the OEM to ensure proper running of the chairlift.

Keep your hands and feet inside

It is important for the user to always sit in an upright posture to ensure their hand and feet otherwise, it can become a safety Hazard

Utilize the safety sensors

Stairlifts come equipped with sensors that can detect any obstructions or irregularities, on the track. If these sensors detect anything in its path the stairlift will automatically stop.

When using the stairlift remember to proceed at a pace without rushing. Moving quickly can increase the risk of accidents occurring during operation. Always. Stop smoothly and gradually.


Stairlifts are designed to improve mobility and safety, for individuals with mobility. By following these safety rules you can guarantee an enjoyable ride every time. Always keep safety as your priority when using any mobility aid.

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